Excel Productivity Cafe

Turn into a Productivity Guru after you’ve had a sumptuous meal
at our Excel Productivity Café.

What this is about?

Pick up loads of time-saving tricks for Excel. Learn features that you do not even know they exist yet boosts your spreadsheet productivity. Take command of Excel like never before!

75 DELICIOUS Benefits of Attending:

* 10 better ways of working with formulas.
* 15 fast winners. Techniques and Excel features to add value to your Excel spreadsheets.
* 20 indispensable functions – from the simple to the slightly more complicated.
* 25 keyboard and mouse shortcuts – sometimes it’s the simplest things that can save the most time.
* Top 5 Excel POWER tips according to Aeternus – impress and amaze everyone.

Things to note:

Designed for Excel practitioners. Every participant will receive a full-colour copy of reference materials.