VBA Programming in Excel

Shorten your learning curve to be a VBA programming expert.

What this is about

Designed for non VBA practitioners. This is a short & easy-to-follow workshop to develop a practical knowledge of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) with Microsoft Excel. This 3-days workshop is suitable for users of Excel 2002 through Excel 2010. The participant will learn how to build programs from scratch. Throughout the course of the workshop, our facilitator incorporates VBA codes which address real life business problems.

What problems it solve

Traditional Excel VBA training overwhelms the non-practitioner with too many programming concepts. Consequently, the learner grasps the theory but not the practical experience to produce VBA codes for solving basic spreadsheet problems.

How can I apply it in my work

This workshop covers selected VBA concepts to allow you to process data contained in workbooks, worksheets and cells with confidence. Gain practitioner-level skills to process massive data and speed up complex business calculations with Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel.

Other benefits

Proficiency gained at this level can serve as a foundation for more advanced VBA projects.

Structured for a gentle learning curve

We have designed a course structure that is relevant for business use.
This is a hands-on learning experience which is more instructive than textbook classes by other centers.


Process Data Faster

Learn how to speedup your Excel formulas with VBA calculations.


Create Excel Macros

Create Excel Macros to automate tasks for productivity.


How to improve Macros

In-depth hands-on workshop to combine VBA and macros together to create intelligent macros.


Create complex simulations

Learn how to code stock trading strategies in VBA as a practical case-study to precess transactional data.

Who Should Attend?

For Excel users who wish to expand their skill set to engage greater analyst roles.