VBA Development Services

We are VBA developers of Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, Excel Business Reports,
Excel Dashboards and Business Models.


How We Build

We build quickly and react on customer feedback. Our goal is to win customers by building what they want. We deliver just what customers need and eliminate anything they don’t.


Interface Design Come First

Interface design comes first We start with the interface, real screen designs that you are going to use. When the interface is right, the application gets right.


Lowering Costs

We quote in man-day efforts so that you only pay for the duration of the project. No long term contracts, excess staff and thick processes.

How to Engage Us

We adhere to our consulting work process so that there is transparency to build trust, encourages collaboration and delivers a quality product that is within your expectation and lives up to our standards.

1. Meeting

Let’s start with a meeting. Tell us your requirements and we will tell you our ideas. We can either meet at your place or at our office.

2. Quote

We quote in man-day effort. After the meeting, we will create a series of screen shots that shows the key design concepts of the application. A quote in man-day efforts will be attached.

3. Approve

You approve the quote. We shall wait for your approval of the quote.

4. Code

We implement your project. Once we obtain your approval, we shall retreat to our cave to implement your project.

5. Testing

You must test the delivered application. We want to give you a bug-free product if we can help it. We need to work with a knowledgeable person from your side to find show stopping defects.

6. Warranty

Risk free warranty. After acceptance of the application, we allow a 30 day warranty where any defects within the agreed requirements will be rectified at no further costs.

Useful FAQs

Commonly asked questions to clear your doubts.

1. How do I start working with you on a VBA project?

Send us an email to tell us your ideas. The clearer you communicate your needs, the clearer we can understand what you want. The result is faster development & less rework to achieve a high quality VBA application.

2. How do you charge for a VBA development project?

We charge based on the idea of “man-days effort”. For a VBA project, we will estimate the number of days we need to work on it. Based on this number of days, we multiply it with a daily dollar rate to come up with a dollar amount you need to pay for the VBA application. We believe this is a fair & transparent way for you to judge the value of our engineering efforts.

3. I have a tight deadline. Can you develop a VBA application quickly?

Any VBA application needs careful software engineering to achieve a high quality product so that it serves your needs for years to come. You should budget enough time for our development and testing process. On your end, you should also have sufficient time to verify the developed application works properly.

4. How can I help to lower costs and delivery time?

For any given project, if the number of man-days effort is reduced the total costs can be reduced. This can be achieved by the following:
• Clear and well understood requirements from the start. This aids in an accurate initial quote.
• Active participation by clients. During development, we will seek more clarifications from you as we develop the application. Active participation from you will reduce delays.

5. How can I help to ensure success of my VBA development project?

From experience we believe the chances of success for an Excel VBA project depends on these 4 factors:

Project Complexity

Naturally a project with relatively simple logic is easier to implement. Your expectation of effort & budget should be aligned with the difficulty level of your project.

A Knowledgeable Client

We need to work with someone who is knowledgeable with the business logic of the project. We need to translate his business knowledge into clear project requirements. His knowledge is needed again during the application testing stage.

Decision Making Power

Decision power of the client matters to us. We prefer to work with someone with discretionary powers for budget approval to reduce our project risks.


In order to produce quality work we need time and we do not liked to be rushed. We realised we could deliver a much better product with less costs, only with more time.